Tuesday, May 26, 2020
An active, caring community for seniors

Kokoro Assisted Living, Inc. (KALI)

 Kokoro Assisted Living Inc. (KALI) as the successor to the Japanese American Religious Federation Assisted Living Inc. (JALFI)  was created by the Japanese Religious Federation (JARF).  JARF is an 11 member consortium of Buddhist, Christian and Shinto congregations which in 1997, that created JALFI, a corporate entity soley dedicated to the planning and development of the Kokoro project. JALFI was dissolved in 2006 and a new corporate entity, Kokoro Assisted Living Inc. (KALI) was formed to provide the corporate leadership for Kokoro Assisted Living.  

JARF continues to support the vision and mission of Kokoro and has representation on the KALI board of directors.