Tuesday, May 26, 2020
An active, caring community for seniors

Life Enrichment Program

Activities are an important aspect of life at Kokoro Assisted Living. In considering activities programming, we look at how to best interact and create an environment where residents can be at their best physically, socially, cognitively, and spiritually.


Physical Fitness

Our activities program emphasizes physical fitness in order to increase mental and physical function such as balance, flexibility, strength and mobility. Classes are taught by staff and volunteers who have been trained in different aspects of movement and strength training. Breathing and meditation are also included.


Mental Function and Social Interaction

Small group activities that increase mental function and social interaction include scrabble, hanafuda, bingo, discussion groups, trips out, and puzzles. A pastor from the Japanese American Religious Federation visits us and leads us in a spiritual discussion group and service.


Japanese Culture

At Kokoro, we also emphasize Japanese culture with classes such as calligraphy, Japanese singing, tea ceremony, origami, activities in both English and Japanese, and the celebration of Japanese holidays. We also celebrate American holidays as well as regional festivities the Cherry Blossom Festival.



Creativity and expressing ourselves is also very important and needed, at any age. We have crafts projects, gardening and creative movement classes.


At Kokoro, we strive to enjoy our lives and create opportunities for each resident to be a part of this active, caring community: physically, socially cognitively, and spiritually.



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