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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is assisted living? | What are Kokoro’s basic services? Does Kokoro offer personal care assistance? Will I need a doctor’s consent to move into Kokoro? |  Will there be a nurse on staff? | What if I get sick and need to go to the hospital? | What happens if my care needs have increased? | What types of apartments does Kokoro offer? | What do Kokoro’s apartments cost? | How is qualification determined? | Can my family and friends visit? | Can I bring my cat or dog? | Whom do I contact for further information about Kokoro Assisted Living?


1) What exactly is assisted living?

Assisted living is a wonderful option for seniors who may be experiencing challenges in their daily lives as they become older or have health problems, and those who simply would like to plan for the future and benefit from living in a secure environment. Assisted living services include help with personal care such as grooming, bathing and dressing; medication management; and can also include assistance with mobility for those using a walker or wheelchair. Assisted living combines a home-like setting with the security of having trained staff available around the clock. Professional staff includes a Director of Resident Care, and certified nursing assistants as resident assistants.


2) What are Kokoro’s basic services?

Kokoro offers a wide variety of basic services to make your life easier, including three meals and nutritious snacks daily; weekly housekeeping; laundry and linen services; scheduled transportation; 24-hour security; and an activities program that is developed to enrich your life and provide entertainment, health, education, and exercise.


3) Does Kokoro offer personal care assistance?

Yes. We understand everyone has unique, individual needs and to best serve you, we offer four levels of personalized care. Care levels are assessed individually, and a care plan is developed to allow you to maintain your independence while receiving care as needed with your safety in mind.


4) Will I need a doctor’s consent to move into Kokoro?

You will need to have a physical before moving into Kokoro, and we will provide you with a form for your physician to fill out. An assessment will then be scheduled with Kokoro’s Director of Resident Care. The ultimate decision to allow you to be a resident will then be made by the Kokoro staff in consultation with you.


5) Will there be a nurse on staff?

Yes,  Kokoro has a nurse on the staff who is responsible for monitoring the wellness of our residents.  However, assisted living communities are designed as a social model to assist seniors in their activities of daily living and not in medical care as you would find in a skilled nursing facility.  Kokoro also has some staff who are certified nursing assistants on duty as Resident Assistants.


6) What if I get sick and need to go to the hospital?

Kokoro staff will monitor your health needs and are prepared to contact your physician and arrange for transportation to the hospital. If you need to continue with rehabilitation or therapy following your hospital stay, we will help to coordinate that care with appropriate medical health providers. Your apartment will be held for you during this period, with a reduction in charges for care level if applicable.


7)What happens if my care needs have increased?

Following a hospital stay, your care needs will be re-assessed and changes discussed with you in a care conference. If your level of care exceeds what Kokoro is able to provide, we can help refer you to a more appropriate skilled nursing community. Following are some examples of high care needs Kokoro is not able to meet: advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s disease; feeding tubes; IV tubes; injections; advanced dermal ulcers; extreme paralysis.


8) What types of apartments does Kokoro offer?

Kokoro offers studio apartments for single occupancy, and one-bedroom apartments and large studios for double occupancy. Each apartment features a private bathroom with a shower, a refrigerator and microwave oven, individual heat and air conditioning, and the security of an emergency call system. We welcome you to bring your own furniture to make your apartment your home, but have furniture available to rent for your convenience.


9) What do Kokoro’s apartments cost?

The apartments vary in size and price, but the studio apartments start at $2,300 a month for those who qualify for available discounted rates, and one-bedroom apartments start at $6,900 (reserved for couples). Those requiring personal care assistance at Level I will add $399 a month, Level II recipients will add $798 a month, and those residents on Level III will add an additional $1,197. Your specific level of care will be assessed in a private, one on one evaluation with our Director of Resident Care. Discounted rates may also be applied subject to availability and financial qualification.


10) How is qualification determined?

Two factors are considered in the qualification process: 1) physical qualification, in which we evaluate your care needs; and 2) financial qualification, in which we evaluate your ability to maintain the financial obligation and also evaluate whether you qualify for a reduced rate. The financial review considers all sources of income and a valuation on assets. We are happy to assist you in the financial review process to determine whether you qualify for a discounted rate.


11) Can my family and friends visit?

Family and friends are welcome to come and go as you’d like, within reasonable hours. We have a sign-in sheet at the reception desk. In addition to your beautiful apartment, Kokoro offers the dining room, activity room, tearoom and sanctuary for you and your guests to enjoy.

12) Can I bring my cat or dog?

Yes. However, Kokoro does have a pet policy that must be followed to ensure the happiness and safety of all Kokoro residents, including your ability to care for your own pet.


13) Whom do I contact for further information about Kokoro Assisted Living?

Please contact Jimmy Murota, Sales & Marketing Director at (415) 776-8066 ext. 11. We would be more than happy to speak with you, answer any of your questions, or hear your comments about Kokoro Assisted Living.