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Located in the heart of San Francisco’s historic Japantown, Kokoro is a non-profit assisted and independent senior living community. Kokoro blends Japanese and American heritage, culture and cuisine through activities, celebrations and dining.

With dedication, determination, and heart, we are committed to promoting health and happiness. Let us show you how fulfilling life can be.

The Story of Kokoro, Our History, Vision & Mission

The Kokoro Story

Thirty years ago, members of the Japanese American community in San Francisco wanted to augment the culturally sensitive services available to older Japanese Americans. The Japanese American Skilled Nursing Home Project Committee was formed for this purpose. The committee found that Nisei (second generation Japanese Americans) preferred to remain in their homes for as long as possible and that there was a strong need for in-home services. In 1995, the committee joined with the Japanese American Religious Federation (JARF) to form the JARF Senior Housing Task Force. After extensive research, the task force changed its focus to assisted living. In 1996, JARF Senior Housing Task Force bid for the ability to develop a piece of land on the corner of Bush and Laguna Street in San Francisco’s Japantown.

Land was purchased and a separate corporate entity was created, the Japanese American Religious Federation Assisted Living, Inc. (JALFI), for the purpose of planning, construction, and management. The project was named “Kokoro”, a Japanese term that communicates the combined notions of heart, mind, and inner spirit. With dedication, determination, and heart, the Kokoro Assisted Living community was born.

Today, Kokoro Assisted Living Inc. (KALI), a nonprofit organization, provides governance through a Board of Directors. Kokoro is managed by Sequoia Living who is responsible for all operations. Kokoro’s mission is to provide a caring environment providing residential assisted living to our seniors enabling them to live independently within a Japanese cultural setting.  Of its 54 residential units, 37 are set aside for low to moderate income residents.  Kokoro is tax exempt under Internal Revenue code section 501(c)(3).

Located in Japantown, Kokoro is rich with sentimental and historical value with its main building a restoration of the former Sokoji Buddhist Temple. The temple served as a spiritual center and a social, meeting hall in the Japanese community. During World War II, members continued their financial support to make payments on the temple while detained in internment camps. The temple reopened to the community in 1948 and remained active at this site until moving to its new Temple a block away in 1984.

The temple has been restored for the Kokoro community and remains a special place for social gatherings and continues to foster an active spirit and communal energy. We look forward to community members joining our Kokoro residents and their families as we participate together in the vibrant heart of the Japantown community.

Our vision is to be the desired residential community of choice where seniors in our community can enjoy assisted residential living in a way that provides warmth, security, and the caring comfort infused with a sense of Japanese culture and family.

We welcome you to visit Kokoro, a senior living experience, in the heart of Japantown.

Kokoro Assisted Living, Inc. (KALI)
Kokoro Assisted Living Inc. (KALI) as the successor to the Japanese American Religious Federation Assisted Living Inc. (JALFI) was created by the Japanese Religious Federation (JARF).  JARF is an 11 member consortium of Buddhist, Christian and Shinto congregations which in 1997, that created JALFI, a corporate entity solely dedicated to the planning and development of the Kokoro project. JALFI was dissolved in 2006 and a new corporate entity, Kokoro Assisted Living Inc. (KALI) was formed to provide the corporate leadership for Kokoro Assisted Living.  

JARF continues to support the vision and mission of Kokoro and has representation on the KALI board of directors. 

Sequoia Living, Management Company

NCP Senior Ventures, LLC.: Kokoro’s management company

NCP Senior Ventures, LLC assumed responsibility on October 1, 2009 as the management company for Kokoro day-to-day operations. Kokoro’s management company is Sequoia Living, a not-for profit mission-driven corporation with a commitment to provide for the needs of older people and to promote their quality of life through diversified operations. This includes housing and programs of social and spiritual care. Sequoia Living provides many options for senior living and community service in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and in Mendocino County on the north coast of California.

Our Organization

Kokoro Assisted Living is comprised of a warm and welcoming community including our residents, staff, Board of Directors and collaborative senior living entities such as Sequoia Living.


Board of Directors

Kokoro relies on the experience, vision and leadership of its Board of Directors to provide the organization with responsible governance, funding and direction to enricih the lives of our residents.



Kokoro’s residents come from a multitude of different careers and life experiences. We welcome seniors of all cultural backgrounds to join our community.


Sequoia Living

Kokoro Assisted Living is managed by Sequoia Living, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving seniors in Northern California. 

Kokoro Staff Members

Kokoro’s staff members share the vision of promoting and enhancing the independence and security of our residents. We provide our senior community care, warmth, culture and family.

Naoko Jones

Executive Director

Sakae Hamilton RN

Director, Resident Care

Jimmy Murota

Director, Sales and Marketing

Yukie Kato

Director, Activity Services

Vera Yamamoto

Director, Dining and Housekeeping Services

Kokoro Board Of Directors

John Kikuchi


Sharon Yow

Vice President

Brian Morrow

Gary Barbaree

Megumi Aihara

Rodney Chin

Steve Suzuki

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